Object Recognition

Simply insure with a picture.

Elevate your insurance product portfolio to a higher level with AI.

Our object recognition is able to recognise objects automatically and estimate their values within seconds based on a single snapshot.


Image Recognition

Choose among more than 40 specialised machines with over 1.000 product categories for your AI solution.


Create your AI solutions easily with a few clicks and without programming experience.

Value Indication

Get a value indication or the daily prices from product databases of the recognised objects.

Instant Check

Test the image recognition capability of your machine configuration instantly after your selection.

Meta Data

Get the fingerprints of the pictures like geolocation data, create date, modified date, etc.

Direct Start

All machines are ready to use and pre trained for your AI solution. Start instantly without losing time.

Use Cases

Buildings insurance

AI makes property insurance sales easy. Simply take a picture of your home and you’ll receive your insurance quote based on image information, geolocation data and satellite image analysis within seconds.

Here is an example of our white label buildings insurance solution for insurers in cooperation with our partner Skendata.

Personal Items Insurance

Our machines are trained to recognise objects on a photo and estimate their value. Items like bicycles, smartphones, laptops, cameras, hifi equipment, gadgets, music instruments and so on.

For example, the Swiss insurance group Baloise is using our machines from our AI platform for selling their personal items insurance for more than 60 product categories.

Pet insurance

For many pet owners, pets are beloved members of their families. Leverage is an emotional bond for your insurance products. This way, you can easily turn a picture into an insurance sale.

The goal of our machines is not only to find out the right species such as dogs, cats or horses. We want to detect the right breed of the pets for the best support in the sale for pet insurance products.