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Our global image data network contains the DNA of millions of digital images. We provide various AI solutions which can automate your image-driven processes.


Our solutions

Fraud Prevention

With forensic image analysis we can verify the truthfulness, authenticity, history and provenance of images based on our gobal image data network.


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Object Detection

Simply insure with a snapshot. We recognize insurable or valuable objects at images and estimate their value within seconds.


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Damage Detection

We are able to recognize different types of damage scenarios from images. For example smartphone display damages.

Training Platform

We train your personal AI solution with our training platform. All we need are your images to create training sets for your own object detection solution.

Why you’ll love our AI solutions


Create your AI solutions easily with a few clicks and without programming experience.

Data Security

Your data is securely handled in accordance with ISO 27001 and SSAE SOC 2 standards.


More than 40 differently trained machines are able to do your tasks in seconds.


Detailed insights of your AI projects with powerful analytical tools.


Integrate our AI solution into your frontend easily with our API and SDK packages.

International Markets

Create your AI insurance solutions for international markets with multiple currencies and languages.


Note: All prices below are PPU (Pay Per Upload) and excl. VAT

Fraud Prevention
(Forensic Image Analysis)

Check images for modification and manipulation

Check for image duplicates 
based on our image data network

Check for image duplicates 
on the internet

50 uploads for free

Response time
approx. 2-4 sec

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Object Detection
(Image Labelling)

Object detection of insurable valuables on images

Automatic value assessment of recognized objects

Damage detection for smartphone displays

Low costs with monthly license fee

>10.000 object categories

Response time
approx. 4 – 15 sec

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API info

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